Hungry for more?

Now serving: various flavors of FOOD FOR THOUGHT for the intellectually hungry types.

(Yes, we are talking about four different BLOGS to fit your diverse cravings)


Corporate Superpowers

“Traditional fare”

Straightforward discussions of the strategies, tools, practices, and mindsets that will fuel your professional success at work.
These are the exact same key ideas and ways of thinking that I use as a practitioner in my client work and also develop in others around the world as a trainer.
Please, steal from my playbook!
(with proper credit, of course)


Crossover Conversations

“Fusion cuisine”

Though-provoking conversations that translate non-work-related experiences into learnings for professional growth.
When professionals combine a rewarding career with a rich personal life, they have more to draw on in any situation.
Here I share professional growth ideas inspired by topics I am passionate about (e.g., travel, tango, improv, jazz, parenting, learning, and whatever my passion du jour is).


When Ideas Play

“Chef’s selection”

Personal blog revealing the “behind-the-scenes” process of playing with ideas that shape my independent practice.
You may enjoy reading this blog if you enjoy watching the special features for a movie (you know, “Making of”, “Deleted scenes”, “Cast interviews”) .
Ideas are like people, they like to play. And my own mind is a busy playground. Join in the fun!


Mind Tapas

“Small plates starters”

Great variety of short inspirations to browse through or use as a thought starter for flavors you particularly like.
A gallery of memorable quotes, key questions, tips, key takeaways, explicit definitions, funny things clients say, pictures, and other digital oddities.
For that quick brain burst that only takes a few seconds.