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Tango in Paris — AIN Learning Journey | Paris, France

  • STUDIO BLEU 9ÈME 14 Boulevard Poissonnière Paris, Île-de-France, 75009 France (map)

I designed a very fun event for AIN Global 2018 - A Learning Journey for the Global Applied Improvisation Network Conference in Paris, France

Session Title: “On your feet / Tango in Paris”

Highlights from the program: 

The workshop explores what improvised partner dancing can teach us about two-way connection, communication, leadership & creativity. Argentine Tango is a form of an improvisational partner social dance with a rich history and ideals that mirror those of the French Revolution: Liberty, equality, and fraternity. In this program we will use Argentine Tango as the inspiration for an Applied Improvisation exploration with applications in improvisation, personal growth, and business coaching/training. 

PART I: Inside Tango – Participants will taste some “absolute beginner” level activities that introduce them to the world of Argentine Tango, foster basic movement and connection and improvisation skills, create a minimum vocabulary of dance moves, and use them to explore topics of self-awareness, musicality, conventions, creativity, playfulness, leader-follow dynamics, and group interactions. This is what we might do:, or maybe we won’t get all the way there ;)

PART II: Beyond Tango – Participants will draw parallels with other contexts (e.g., improv, personal growth, business coaching & training) through series of small group discussions. Aneta will share how she has blended learnings from tango in her personal growth, her ‘connecting to passion’ coaching methodology, and her corporate trainings on leadership.