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GrowthKey Academy: Mixer | Sofia, Bulgaria

  • NETWORKING: Premium Coworking Space G. C. Rakovski 25 Sofia Bulgaria (map)

Excited to offer a Summer Edition of GrowthKey Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria!

Come experience the type of elite GrowthKey management training Aneta Key has been presenting across continents to unlock leadership capacity and professional growth in this highly interactive, fun, and useful 1-day program in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

In this rare opportunity you will have the chance to interact with other professionals, feast on food for thought, and advance your own thinking on your current projects. By design, the event aims to bring together a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, seniority level, and current industry to cross-polinate ideas and inspire fresh thinking. 

The program will be modular, so if you are only able to join for a shorter period of time you can still participate.


One way to increase the leadership capacity of your organization is to develop the types of strategic and collaborative skills, capabilities, and success habits, that allow you and your teams to thrive amid complexity and accelerating change. These are today’s corporate superpowers for leadership growth, critical thinking, structured problem solving, resonant communications, empathetic collaboration, stakeholder engagement, project management, consulting skills, and strategic decision-making.

GrowthKey offers a blend of learning modes to develop these capabilities and future-proof leaders, high performers groomed for cross-functional assignments, up-and-comers, and consultants:

  • In-person training events — GrowthKey Academy editions

  • Self-directed tech-enabled learning content — GrowthKey Programs

  • Ongoing learning virtual community events — GrowthKey Office Hours

  • Custom coaching and consulting programs tailored to the needs of individual clients