The backstory of Like Responsibly

This is the story behind the Like Responsibly video, which you can see, along with the transcript, in the next post.

It was April Fool’s Day, so I posted on Facebook, “I got seed funding for my startup!!!!!” 

This was meant to be a joke, but it got a bit out of hand. 

Why I thought it would be funny

You see, I live and work in the thriving San Francisco/Silicon Valley area.
My friends are constantly talking about startups.


conjure startup ideas 

establish startups

wind down startups 

join startups

quit startups 

pitch startups 

evaluate startups 

fund startups

scale startups

sell startups 

acquire startups 

advise startups

take startups public  

Small talk at parties includes mentions of “stealth projects,” “business case,” “growth drivers,” and “funding rounds” — basically all the topics you may hear at those awkward startup pitch sessions where folks with ideas present to folks with money.  

And I love all of this. I know the “secret sauce” of Silicon Valley includes all this informal chatter and collective startup euphoria. So, I thought — this being April Fool’s Day and all — my post would be properly interpreted as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on our lives. 

How the spoof video was born

But the joke was lost on too many friends, who started seriously congratulating me and inquiring about the particulars of my startup. I felt a tad guilty for misleading them, but I was not willing to give up my joke yet. I wanted to yell “Tricked you!” without betraying their genuine support.  

So, in what became a fun late-night project, I put together a 10-minute spoof video that supposedly describes my idea. On one hand, I tried to mimic the tone of the typical conversation — throwing in trendy phrases, business logic, and real data — creating a case around the responsible use of social media. On the other hand, I was rambling and making puns on the topic of “time” — since we are killing time with social media. I even managed to weave in some transhuman thinking from an event I had just attended (yes, that event had startup pitches too). 

After writing and “reshaping” one too many real-life business growth stories and scripting one too many corporate videos, I thought it was a good way to poke some fun at myself and my friends. 

If I had a real startup, this would have been a polished 2-minute video. But, since this was an April Fool’s Day joke, this is a SPOOF. I enjoyed creating it, giggling to myself as I came up with clumsy video animations and inside jokes to my friends.  

Naturally, I posted the video on Facebook and got many likes.

So, watch, and Like Responsibly!

Written by Aneta Key. This blog post last edited April 2019.