3 cool projects that keep me up at night

Well, it is 2:15 in the morning, but I am sitting at my desk and happily scribbling away.

Why? Because the muses have inspired me and bestowed me with 4 cool “after hours” projects I am advancing on the side.

  1. Yes, I am blogging. Have you looked around? Have you shared with others who may enjoy my blog posts? The Corporate Superpowers Blog offers straightforward discussions of the strategies, tools, practices, and mindsets that will fuel your professional success at work. And the When Ideas Play Blog is a personal blog revealing the “behind the scenes” process of playing with ideas from different areas of my life that shape my client work.

  2. I am also working on a very special print publication to celebrate the 10th anniversary of AEDEA Partners LLC. It is titled When Ideas Play Quarterly and will offer different business and growth musings, stories, and diversions for seriously fun professionals.

  3. I am also scaling the GrowthKey learning model developed through my work with clients and consultants over the years. This innovative approach blends in-person training, self-directed tech-enabled learning, and ongoing coaching to “future-proof” leaders, up-and-comers, and consultants and give them Corporate Superpowers. Programs focus on capabilities and success habits for leadership growth, critical thinking, structured problem solving, resonant communications, empathetic collaboration, stakeholder engagement, project management, consulting skills, and strategic decision-making.

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Written by Aneta Key. This blog post last edited March 2019.